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Natural Colours

As the name suggests, these are colours obtained from natural sources and plant parts.They are obtained by selective extraction from colour rich spices, vegetables, and plant parts.

We manufacture Colours ranging from Red, Green to Yellow. Curcumin and Paprika Oleoresins are Spice extracts with intense colours obtained from Turmeric rhizomes and Paprika Pods respectively. The colouring component present in Turmeric and Paprika Pods are separated and selectively enriched. What we get are colours ranging from brilliant yellow to deep red, but without the pungency and flavour of the raw spice. Being absolutely natural extracts these colours are endowed with the same advantages as Oleoresins.

These are widely used in colouring applications such as processed foods, seasoning preparation, food coating, and snack items. With the newly discovered healing properties of Curcumin, there is an increased usage of the same in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Natural colours are also used in textile industry because they give brilliant colours. They are also used in the chicken feed industry to get a uniform yellow egg yolk.





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