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Paneer in Garlic Sauce


Paneer - 150 gms

Maida - ½ cup

Corn flour - 1 table sp.

Salt - to taste

Water - to mix

Oil - to deep fry


Ingredients for the sauce (225 ml)

Water - 1 cup

Corn flour - 1 table sp.

Oil - 1 table sp.

Soya Sauce - 1 table sp.

Vinegar - 1 table sp.

Ajino moto - a pinch

Chilli Spice Drop™ - 4-6 drops

Garlic Spice Drop™ - 10 drops

Salt - to taste.


  • Cut Paneer in rectangles, Make batter with maida, Corn flour, salt and water.

  • Dip Paneer pieces in batter and deep fry in hot oil till golden.

  • Mix together all the ingredients for sauce except the Spice Drop™.

  • Cook stirring till it begins to boil. Lower the flame and simmer for 1 minute.

  • Add the Spice Drop™, mix well. Pour over the fried Paneer and serve immediately with noodles/fried rice.



  • Substitute Corn pieces for Paneer slices.




5-6 Portions